Video Ads (Pre-Roll) for Publishers

Monetize your videos through the display of VAST/VPAID Pre, Mid and Post-Roll advertising via our video platform

Upload your video content into our online video platform or use your player.

Encode your videos via Oculu we'll create script for you to add to your web property

Connect dynamically to a large pool of name-brand advertisers using your own ad tags

Serve video ad campaigns effortlessly maximizing revenue on all platforms and devices

- or -

Video Toolbox for Publishers

  • Video Management: Serving and Analytics
  • Video Uploading: Encoding and Serving
  • Video SEO: Submission of your video content to search engines
  • Video Syndication: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Video Email: Send video with ads via email
  • Video Production Services: We create content for publishers

Finer Details

  • $245 per month for unlimited serving / storage
  • Over 1,000,000 Pre-Rolls served monthly No Serving charges
  • 80/20 split on ad revenue -totally transparent
  • Unlimited video uploads for videos that you create
  • Maximum storage capacity
  • Video Toolbox / Features included

Oculu Video Solutions for Publishers

Watch a video to learn more about our Pre-Roll Ad Serving process


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